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Are you interested in the international cruise industry / cruise destination management scene, whether professionally as a cruise destination manager / executive / service provider looking to focus / re-focus your cruise business, educationally as a student of international tourism looking for a qualified take on the cruise industry or merely as a layman, interested in the

origin and dynamics of the cruise world? Then you may want to talk to me! 

Jacob Lyngsøe
The Cruise Insider
Jacob Lyngsøe, the Cruise Insider

My product is my unique work experience with and insight into the cruise industry, cruise destination management and the shore excursion craft, fortified and conceptualized with academic skill and discipline for purposes of strategic / operational orientation, operational training and scholarly education. I bridge any gaps – in comprehension, in operation or in education - between the cruise industry and the destination scene and refine / facilitate the interplay between destinations and ships.


Combined with an avid interest in maritime leisure history and the contemporary cruise phenomenon and armed with academic powers of analysis, interpretation and communication, I bring my unique experience to bear on any area where the cruise industry intersects with the ‘local world’, for cruise destinations new and old, for cruise service providers, for cruise stakeholders, for students of international tourism or for any other interessees of cruise tourism.

If you need qualified, actionable information, customized development of frontline operational staff or empirical, academic input on how to understand / engage the cruise industry, contact the Cruise Insider.

Open to international engagements. Working languages: Danish, English and (to some extent) German 


Spending 3 summer seasons as a bus guide, doing coach package tours throughout Central Europe, was my first brush with package tourism and from this I gained a solid understanding of good guiding performance, tour experience management and practical  operations on the road.

Spending 7 years onboard cruise ships, running shore excursions programs and destination management in more than 150 destinations on 4 continents, has given me a comprehensive understanding of onboard dynamics, the interplay between ship and destination, cruise hospitality standards, the business of Shore Excursions as well as a practically instinctive feel for cruise guests’ wants and needs. 

Spending another 7 years working as a ground operator for cruise ships, orchestrating turnarounds and managing ports-of-call shoreside, has given me unique insight into shoreside logistics and dynamics, excursion and destination development, service and hospitality development, the interaction between cruise lines, ships and ground operators and more. 

Mix it all together and you get an authority on the entire cruise-to-destination experience; from the onboard perspective as well as the shoreside one, from the managerial as well as the operational one and from the guest perspective as well as the local one. 

Cruise Insider, Bahamas

A Cruise Insider in the Bahamas, ca. 2005

Cruise Insider global destination experience

Global destination experience of the Cruise Insider

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